listen to connect, connect to listen

coaching & mediation

halting…standing still


with yourself

with the other(s)

in order to listen…curiously

to what there is to say

to what doesn’t get spoken about

coming into motion

Two girls, lying back in grass. Girl left talks into paper cup; connected with ribbon to cup held to ear by girl on right

Do you want to prevent conflict? Or become better at managing productive conflict and strong decision making? Do you want help to make your leadership more suitable to your team, to your task and to the people in your team?

Do you want support with your personal, job related questions or doubts?

Two girls, lying on back in grass. Girl left talks into paper cup; connected with ribbon to cup held to ear by girl on right

Let’s listen to and look at the tensions and conflict within your team or cooperation. Let me support you so you can find solutions that are mutually desirable and feasible.



Are your team meetings boring, or indecisive? Do you seem to talk around in circles? Do you avoid talking about certain topics? Or do you want support to make co-responsibility work in your team?

Let’s listen to what your team has to say. And explore the different layers of your cooperation and work together. Patterns and reoccurring elements of tension are our find a space brave enough to listen en talk about what really matters.

I support you with frameworks that offer grappling hooks for a stronger cooperation and decision making.


Do you want to carefully listen to what your team has to say? And use your teams wisdom? Do you want to stimulate more co-responsibility? And make stronger decisions that stand the test of tension? Do you want to strengthen your conflict prevention and management skills?

Let’s take a plunge together to visit your responsibilities, obstacles, approach, doubts and successes. 

The opportunity to grow as a leader sits there where you can feel tension.



I accompany you to listen to each other, despite the tensions between you. To hear, if you wish, the story behind each other’s story. For communication to flow again. For re-connection to become possible and to make those agreements you wish to make.

Mediation can be organised between two colleagues or larger groups of colleagues

Contact me if you want to explore how this conflict or these tensions could be an opportunity. To start doing things differently…together or separately.


I accompany you to listen to yourself. And to explore the connection between yourself, your career and what you want to offer to this world. I support you to give words to your doubts and certainties. 

I like to work with metaphors or images that help you. And I offer you frameworks and grappling hooks. Thet help you to organise your thoughts and to use and trust your gut feeling.

Nele De Meyer. In her mid 40's. Light brown hair, tied up quickly in a not so tidy ponytail. Looking at the camera


Nele has this rare ability to listen to people in a way that makes your own internal processes clearer. She is a very intelligent guide. Integer and patient and at the same time skillful and wise. The coaching with Nele was very enriching for me. It was clarifying, and I have learned a lot. Above all, it was lots of fun!

Marina, December 2022

“Nele worked with one of our teams. Tensions and conflict complicated their cooperation. She helped us to get clear on what had been uncomfortable to say to each other. She excelled at ‘reading’ the different colleagues and she is very strong methodologically.”

Director in the metalsector, October 2023

"During the mediation and conflictcoaching with one of our teams, Nele was prepared for and flexible to change the process and methods, according to the situation. We could realy trust her expertise. Furthermore, I would describe her as open in spirit, with a 'very human' working style. And her neutrality is as strong as steel."

HR coordinator at a City Council, December 2023

Training & Background

I mediate conflict in the workplace (certified and recognised by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission) and coach teams and leaders with an emphasis on conflict prevention, management and conflict mediation. I offer tailor made and introductory training on leadership, conflict prevention and a range of related topics.

Apart from this, I actively partner up with initiatives for community and societal dialogue development. 

I am a cultural anthropologist and sociologist and a Mediator by training. I am a certified Deep Democracy Facilitator (level 4) and a certified Job Coach.

I took trainings in theme centred interaction, visual thinking, creative methods, traumasensitive working and transformative mediationdialogue.

I have more than 20 years of experience and worked abroad in peace programmes - international cooperation, amongst others. I also take from my experience as a manager of different teams.

In my work as a coach and mediator, I put an emphasis on empowering and communicative (self)leadership. I have experience working with companies, associations, universities and local gouvernment.

When mediating highly escalated conflict, people find me warm and strong at the same time. Because of my solidity as a professional, I can support people’s own potential and strength, despite the conflict in which they sometimes feel trapped.

Whenever relevant and suitable, I cooperate with other coaches, mediators and trainers. Especially when working with bigger groups or on larger projects.